5 Reasons Why the Butler MR-24 Roof is Superior to Other Metal Roofs


Metal roofs have been an integral part of industrial, commercial, and even residential buildings due to their durability, aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency. Among various metal roofing options available, the Butler MR-24 roof has earned a reputation for being the top-tier choice. Here's why:


1. The 360-Degree Pittsburgh Double-Lock Seam


While many metal roofs utilize seam systems, the MR-24 stands out with its 360-Degree Pittsburgh Double-Lock Seam. This unique seam ensures a tight and solid connection between panels, greatly reducing the chances of leaks. This continuous seam technology means that there are fewer vulnerable points in the roofing system, providing an exceptional level of weather tightness not found in many other systems. This is the same seam found on the rim of soda cans, if that tells you anything about its weather-tightness.


2. Factory-Punched Panels for Precise Alignment


Misalignment can compromise a metal roof’s effectiveness and aesthetic appeal. The MR-24 mitigates this problem with its factory-punched panels, both expediting the construction process and guaranteeing exact alignment when the roof is installed. This not only ensures a sleek and uniform appearance but also further enhances the roof's resistance against potential leakages and the elements.


3. Moveable Clip System


Roofs are constantly exposed to varying temperatures, which can cause them to expand and contract. Over time, this movement can lead to wear and tear, significantly reducing a roof's lifespan. The MR-24 roof comes with a moveable clip system that accommodates the natural thermal movement of metal. This feature ensures the roof remains secure while reducing stress points caused by temperature fluctuations.


4. MR-24 Ridge Transition


Most standing seam roofs are built to accommodate movement at the ridge detail. Lesser roof systems use exposed self-drilling fasteners to accomplish this, leaving open the threat of leakage. The MR-24 is built with a clever design with Butler Screwbolt fasteners located on the inside of the ridge. With no exposed fasteners, the threat of leaking fasteners is eliminated. 


5. Extensive Wind Uplift Testing

MR-24 bracing a 200mph wind equivalent - Seam is airtight

Butler's MR-24 roof undergoes rigorous wind uplift tests, proving its durability against extreme wind conditions. This makes the MR-24 roof an excellent choice for buildings in regions prone to high winds or stormy weather. This rigorous testing assures building owners of the roof's ability to protect against one of nature's most powerful forces. The MR-24 roof system is able to withstand wind speed of an incredible 200 miles per hour.


The Butler MR-24 roof is superior to other metal roofs and there are plenty more reasons why. If you have any questions about your MR-24 roof or need parts - reach out! We are the go-to Butler parts dealer and happy to help ensure you get the right parts for your Butler building.


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