Butler SunLite Strip Daylighting System Benefits


Incorporating natural daylight into buildings is a game-changer for reducing energy costs, enhancing aesthetic appeal, and boosting productivity. The Butler SunLite Strip Daylighting System, designed to seamlessly integrate with the MR-24® roof system, offers incredible benefits by harnessing the power of natural light. This article explores the key features and advantages of this innovative system, making it a must-have for any Butler building owner looking to enhance their building's performance.

Reduce Electric Lighting Expenses

One of the most significant benefits of the SunLite Strip Daylighting System is its ability to dramatically cut lighting costs. Studies have shown that incorporating daylighting can reduce lighting expenses by up to 70%. For building owners, this translates into substantial savings on electricity bills. By utilizing free, natural light, building owners can significantly reduce their reliance on artificial lighting, especially during peak hours of operation. This not only saves money but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly building environment.

Design Assurance and Ease of Installation

The SunLite Strip Daylighting System is designed to work with the MR-24 roof system's expanding-and-contracting features. This design ensures that the system is not pinned to the structure, allowing it to float with roof movement. Additionally, the system requires 85% fewer fasteners in the drainage plane and can be installed in just one-third the time of traditional skylights. This ease of installation not only saves on labor costs but also minimizes disruption to building operations during the installation process.

Superior Light Diffusion with Prismatic Technology

butler sunlite light dispersion.png

The technology behind the SunLite Strip Daylighting System's polycarbonate prismatic acrylic skylights is truly remarkable. These skylights act like passing ordinary sunlight through 4,000 mirrors per square foot, providing 100% diffused light even on overcast days. Unlike traditional fiberglass skylights that create glare and hotspots, the prismatic skylights ensure even light distribution throughout the building. The patented dome design of the SunLite Strip system pulls in more light later in the day than any other skylight on the market, with a visible light transmittance (VLT) of .78 on double-domes and .64 on triple-domes.

High-Quality Design and Performance

Made from aluminum for ultimate corrosion resistance and longevity, the SunLite Strip Daylighting System features a high-quality design that does not divert water through panel corrugation, nearly eliminating the potential for leaks. The curb arrives fully assembled, further reducing labor hours and creating an attractive transition detail between your roof insulation and the daylighting opening. The skylights offer high daylight illumination with visible light transmission up to 72% and are available in standard double-dome and triple-dome glazing. Optional below-dome safety screens provide fall protection for rooftop workers, and burglar bars enhance security.

Energy Savings and Incentives

In addition to reducing electric lighting costs, the SunLite Strip Daylighting System can help building owners qualify for various financial incentives. These may include federal tax deductions, accelerated depreciation schedules, state grants, and local utility rebates. By providing the necessary data to design lighting controls and evidence of meeting requirements, Butler Manufacturing ensures that building owners can maximize their savings while improving their building's energy efficiency.

Durability and Safety

Butler Strip-Lite.png

The SunLite Strip Daylighting System is built to last, featuring a polycarbonate prismatic outer lens that is 30 times stronger and more flexible than acrylic domes. It meets Class 4 hail rating, ensuring durability in harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the system introduces up to three times the amount of light earlier and later in the day compared to translucent panels, enhancing its overall performance and effectiveness.

Wrapping Up

The Butler SunLite Strip Daylighting System offers a superior solution for reducing operating costs, improving building aesthetics, and enhancing productivity through the efficient use of natural light. Its innovative design, ease of installation, superior light diffusion, and durability make it an essential addition to any Butler building. By incorporating this daylighting system, building owners can enjoy significant energy savings and take advantage of various financial incentives, all while creating a more sustainable and pleasant indoor environment.