The Ultimate Guide to Butler Building Wall Systems

When it comes to building durable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing wall systems, Butler Manufacturing stands as a trusted leader in the construction industry. With a range of innovative wall solutions, Butler Building Wall Systems cater to various needs, whether it's for commercial, industrial, or institutional applications. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various Butler Building Wall Systems, their features, and benefits.

1. Butlerib II Wall Systems

Butlerib II Building.jpeg

The Butlerib II was unveiled in 1969 and remains Butler's fundamental wall system. Attractive, high performing, and affordable. 

Butlerib II & Butlerib II EX Wall Systems are renowned for their exceptional strength and versatility. These systems feature a rib design that provides structural integrity and weather resistance. 


The difference between the Butlerib II and Butlerib II EX: Energy Efficiency

Butlerib II - Accommodates 4 inches of blanket insulation. This is by far the most common Butler wall panel.

Butlerib II EX -  Accommodates 8 inches of blanket insulation. It has the same aesthetic as original Butlerib II but is built for extreme weather conditions or situations that require more thermal performance.

The R-value tells you how well a type of insulation can keep heat from leaving or entering your home. The higher the number, the better the performance. Butlerib II EX, with its added insulation, achieves an impressive R-Value of 21.2.

butlerib II panel.png

Butleriib II key features include:

  • Durability: Resistant to harsh weather conditions and corrosion, ensuring longevity.
  • Energy Efficiency: Excellent thermal performance options for energy savings.
  • Design Flexibility: Available in a variety of colors via Butler-Cote which carries a 25 year warranty against excessive chalking. 
  • Affordability: With all of the above packed into an affordable package, it’s no wonder the Butlerib II is the most commonly used Butler panel.  

2. Butler Thermawall Wall Systems

Butler Thermawall.jpeg

The Butler Thermawall series offers upgraded energy performance in three distinct looks. This is Butler’s most energy-efficient wall system.


3 Types:

Fluted - Fluted panels create an exterior surface with deep corrugations

Fineline - Fineline panels with shallow corrugations

Flat - Smooth embossed exterior surface ideal for high-profile architectural applications



Available in the large variety of ButlerCote color finishes




Thermawall uses a rigid insulation board which helps it achieve such impressive energy efficiency

Thermawall R Value - All the way up to R-32, compared to the Butlerib II EX’s already impressive R-21.2.

With Thermawall’s 3 design choices, this wall system is fitting for virtually any commercial or industrial application that desires increased thermal performance, from architectural applications to cold-storage facilities.

3. SyleWall II & eStylWall II Wall Systems

Butler Stylwall II.jpeg

The difference between StyleWall and eStylwall is energy efficiency. Just like how the Butlerib II EX is the more energy efficient panel in the Butlerib family, the “e” in eStylWall stands for energy efficiency. With its increased insulation, the eStyleWall has an R-Value of up to 26.3. 


2 Types:

Flat -  Smooth clean appearance outside while enhancing energy efficiency inside

Fluted - Fluted panels create an exterior surface with deep corrugations



Available in the large variety of ButlerCote color finishes


Its patented design pairs thermal spacer blocks and fiberglass insulation with a vapor barrier which makes for a high-performance wall system in attractive disguise. 

Both StyleWall & eStylWall systems provide durability, design flexibility, and energy-saving features for contemporary building projects.

4. Shadowall EX and Shadowall Wall Systems


Shadowall Wall and Shadowall EX Systems are designed for projects that require sleek, polished appearance.


The difference between the Shadowall and Shadowall EX: 

Shadowall - Accommodates 6 inches of blanket insulation. 

Shadowall EX -  Accommodates 8 inches of blanket insulation, thanks to its unique stanchion system. This provides outstanding energy efficiency in a beautiful package. The Shadowall EX holds an R-Value of 21.5, the same as Butlerib II EX.

Shadowall Panel.png


Available in the large variety of ButlerCote color finishes


Shadowall key features include:

  • Architectural Appeal: Concealed fasteners for a smooth, unbroken wall surface.
  • Energy Efficiency: Insulation options to meet thermal performance requirements.
  • Color Variety: A wide range of colors with ButlerCote to match architectural preferences.
  • Durability: Weather-resistant and long-lasting.

5. TextureWall Panel Wall System

Butler Texturewall.jpeg

The TextureWall Panel Wall System offers architects and builders the opportunity to offer a classic stucco appearance with all the benefits of Butler’s weatherproof and energy efficient technology. 

  • Versatility: Suitable for both new construction and retrofit projects.
  • Durability: Resistant to weather and corrosion.


Available in 4 colors with Butler’s Texture-Cote which carries a 10 year warranty.


Wrapping up

Whether you prioritize energy efficiency, architectural appeal, or durability, Butler's wall systems have you covered. These systems are engineered to meet the highest industry standards and deliver reliable, long-lasting results for your commercial, industrial, or institutional projects. If you have any questions or need parts for your Butler building, reach out!


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