Guide to Butler Classic Building Systems: Tier I & Tier II

Butler Manufacturing has established itself as a significant presence in the metal building systems industry since its inception in 1901. Known for their innovation and quality, Butler has become a go-to name for durable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing building solutions. Their range of products and systems has evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of the construction industry, ensuring they remain at the forefront of building technology and design.

Among their most notable offerings are the Butler Classic Building Systems, which come in two distinct tiers: Tier I and Tier II. Each tier is designed to cater to different building requirements and preferences, providing a spectrum of solutions for various construction projects.

Exploring The Two Tiers

Tier I

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The Tier I Classic Building System from Butler Manufacturing is a versatile and efficient solution designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries. It stands out for its affordability and construction efficiency and is suitable for a range of scales, from smaller structures to larger industrial complexes.

One of the ideal applications of the Tier I system is in the agricultural sector. It is perfect for buildings such as barns, storage facilities, and other structures commonly found in farming environments. Its robustness and adaptability make it a reliable choice for the agricultural industry, where buildings need to withstand various weather conditions and serve multiple functional purposes.

The system is also suitable for light industrial applications. This includes small manufacturing plants, workshops, and warehouses. The adaptability of the Tier I system allows it to cater to the specific needs of these industries, whether it's accommodating heavy machinery, providing ample storage space, or ensuring efficient workflow within the structure.

The Tier 1 Classic Building System offers all the benefits Butler is known for, including their iconic wall systems. These wall panels are not only strong and durable but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the building. They are designed to be long-lasting, resisting wear and tear from environmental factors. Additionally, the panels are treated with Butler's exclusive Butler-Cote™ finish. This finish enhances the panels' resistance to fading and chalking, ensuring that the building maintains its appearance over time.

Tier II


The Tier II Classic Building System from Butler Manufacturing expands the possibilities in building design and construction. This system is known for its enhanced design flexibility, including various wall and roof styles, accessories, and aesthetic enhancements. Tier II allows for a more customized approach to building projects.

One of the standout features of the Tier II system is its array of aesthetic options. This means that buildings can be tailored to look unique and fit perfectly into their surroundings, whether it's a commercial space, an industrial site, or any other type of facility. The ability to customize the appearance of buildings is a big plus for businesses that want their structures to reflect their brand or for communities that require buildings to blend in with a certain architectural style.

In terms of construction efficiency, the Tier II system shines with its ability to be assembled up to 30% faster than conventional construction methods. This is a significant advantage for projects on tight schedules, as it means the building can be up and running much sooner. Faster assembly doesn’t just save time; it can also help reduce labor costs and minimize disruptions to existing operations.

Customization is a key aspect of the Tier II system. It offers options like skirt walls and various canopy styles, giving builders and owners the ability to create a building that not only meets their functional needs but also has a distinct look. These features are particularly useful in enhancing the building’s curb appeal and functionality.

Tier II also offers an increased selection of various Butler wall systems, like TextureWall™ and ThermaWall™. These contribute to the building’s overall aesthetic, offering a modern and sleek finish and also provide excellent insulation, helping to maintain a comfortable interior environment and reduce energy costs.

The Tier II Classic Building System is an excellent choice for projects that require a balance of speed, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal. Its ability to be customized to fit specific needs and styles makes it a versatile option for a wide range of building applications

Tier I vs Tier II Comparisons

Delivery Timelines and Design Limitations:

The Tier I system is known for its quick delivery and simpler design. It's great for projects that need to be completed fast. This system offers fewer options for customization, but it's efficient and gets the job done quickly. On the other hand, the Tier II system, while still efficient, allows for more time in the design phase and offers a wider range of customization options. This makes it suitable for projects where a specific look or design is desired.

Structural Differences:

There are also differences in the structural aspects of these two systems. The Tier I system often features a more basic range of designs for straightforward projects. In contrast, the Tier II system offers a greater variety of roof slopes among other design elements, allowing for a more tailored structural look. This is particularly beneficial for projects where unique architectural features are a priority.

Suitability for Different Project Types:

The Tier I system is ideal for small to medium-sized projects, such as agricultural buildings or small industrial units. It's a great choice when you need a building up quickly and efficiently, without many custom features. The Tier II system, however, is better suited for larger or more complex projects, such as retail centers or large manufacturing facilities, where customization and specific design features are important.

Wrapping up

While both systems uphold the quality and durability Butler is known for, the choice between Tier I and Tier II depends on your project’s timeline, design requirements, and scale. The Tier I system is efficient and straightforward, perfect for quick and simpler projects, whereas the Tier II system offers greater flexibility and customization for more complex and design-focused projects. If you have any questions or are interested in a Butler Classic Building, check out this info on Butler's website or reach out to us! Butler MFG Parts is a subsidiary of Butler Builder, MAR Building Solutions. We’re here to help.