Guide to Butler Structural Systems 

Butler Manufacturing's structural systems are designed to cater to a broad range of construction needs, offering versatility, durability, and innovation. Each system is engineered with specific applications in mind, ensuring that whether you are constructing a commercial facility, an industrial plant, or a storage unit, there is a Butler solution that fits your requirements.

Tier I System: Streamlined and Efficient

butler tier I.png

The Tier I system by Butler Manufacturing is crafted for projects that prioritize efficiency and speed without sacrificing quality. This system is perfect for straightforward construction needs, such as storage buildings or light manufacturing facilities, offering a rapid deployment with the ability to be delivered in as little as six weeks. It provides customizable options in terms of dimensions and colors (via ButlerCote) to meet specific project requirements. The Tier I system represents a blend of Butler's commitment to quality, quick assembly times, and adaptability, making it an ideal choice for clients looking for a reliable, fast-track construction solution.

Tier II System: Customizable Flexibility

tier ii butler.png

The Tier II system from Butler Manufacturing offers enhanced flexibility and customization for projects that require more than basic functionalities. It's designed for clients who need additional architectural features or specialized functionalities in their buildings. This system allows for more design options, including various roof styles as well and a wider range of wall systems. It caters to more complex construction needs, providing a balance between customization and the quick assembly times Butler is known for.

Widespan System: Unparalleled Open Spaces

Butler Widespan.png

The Butler Widespan system offers a solution for projects requiring large, open interior spaces without the interruption of columns. This system is specifically designed for flexibility and durability, accommodating a wide range of applications from manufacturing and warehousing to retail and recreational facilities. By removing internal columns, the Widespan system maximizes usable space, providing an unobstructed interior that can support a variety of layouts and activities.

Landmark 2000 System: Advanced Engineering for Large Spans

Butler Landmark.png

The Landmark 2000™ Structural System is tailored for projects needing long-bay frames, capable of spanning up to 60 feet. It uses Truss Purlin XT for these spans and features corrosion-resistant, acrylic-coated galvanized trusses for an appealing interior look. This system streamlines erection with factory-assembled components, offers various roof slopes and ridge designs, and is cost-effective for wide-open spaces. It's suitable for aviation hangars, retail centers, manufacturing plants, and distribution facilities, supporting a range of conventional wall products​​.

Self Storage System: Efficient and Scalable Storage Solutions

butler self stoage.jpg

Butler's Self Storage system offers a versatile and scalable approach. This system is designed to accommodate a range of storage needs, from personal storage units to comprehensive commercial storage facilities. Their durability, quick assembly, and flexibility in design, make them ideal for a variety of storage needs. They feature all the benfits you’d expect from a Butler building, including Butler’s advanced roofing systems, such as the MR-24 which provide long-lasting protection. These self-storage systems are designed for easy expansion, ensuring your investment grows with you.


Across all Butler structural systems, Butler employs high-quality materials and innovative designs to ensure that each project benefits from the latest in building technology and efficiency. From the weather-tight and energy-efficient wall and roof panels to the advanced framing systems, Butler products are designed to integrate seamlessly, providing a comprehensive solution that meets the specific needs of each project.