Butler Manufacturing's Thought Behind Even The Smallest Products

You’re only as strong as your weakest link. Butler knows this which is why its put so much thought behind even the smallest details. In this article we’ll highlight the thought Butler put behind two accessory products in particular. Products that most would overlook, but Butler instead put through rigorous testing to ensure the best products available. 

Scrubolt Fasteners: The Strong Connection for Butler Buildings

Butler Scrubolt 1.png

When building with metal, it's important to have strong and reliable connections. That's where Butler Scrubolt Fasteners come in. These special screws are used to attach roof and wall panels securely to the metal framework of a building. Here's what makes Scrubolt Fasteners stand out:

  • Super Strength: Scrubolt Fasteners are much stronger than regular screws. They have more than double the pullout strength of self-drilling screws. This means they can hold the panels in place more firmly, making the building stronger and safer.
  • Thoroughly Tested: At the Butler Manufacturing Research Center, which was opened in 1959, these fasteners are put through tough tests. They check how fast the screw can be driven into the material, how the threads hold up under stress, and the force it takes to strip the screw. This is to make sure that each Scrubolt Fastener will perform well when used in construction.
  • Designed for Durability: With the rigorous testing, Butler ensures that their Scrubolt Fasteners are not only strong but also durable. They are made to withstand extreme conditions without losing their grip or breaking down.
  • Butler Quality: The careful testing and design of the Scrubolt Fasteners are part of what Butler calls the "Butler difference." It's Butler's commitment to providing high-quality, reliable building accessories.


Butler Panlastic: Superior Sealing for Metal Buildings

Butler Panlastic.png

Butler Panlastic is a sealing product designed to provide exceptional protection for metal buildings. It is made from a special kind of material known as butyl tape sealant. Here's what makes Butler Panlastic stand out:

  • High-Quality Ingredients: The main ingredients of Butler Panlastic include butyl rubber, chalk or talc (a filler material), and a softening medium. The amount of butyl rubber is key to its quality. Butler Panlastic contains a higher percentage of butyl rubber compared to similar products available on the market, which makes it more elastic and effective.
  • Superior Elasticity: The elasticity of a sealant is crucial for its performance. Through testing, it's shown that while some competitor sealants only recover 20 to 30 percent of their original length after being stretched, Butler Panlastic can recover over 80 percent. This high elasticity means it remains flexible and effective for a longer time, ensuring better sealing.
  • Long-lasting Performance: The ability of Butler Panlastic to stay pliable and tacky between two pieces of steel ensures that your building remains weather-tight. This long-term performance is essential for maintaining the integrity and durability of metal buildings.
  • Innovative Design: During manufacturing, small nylon spacer beads are added to the sealant. These beads help maintain the correct amount of sealant in the joint, ensuring consistent thickness and optimal performance, regardless of the installation conditions.
  • Quality Assurance: Butler tests their Panlastic sealant rigorously, including flattening it to check the dispersion of the nylon beads. This thorough testing is part of Butler's commitment to superior performance, known as the "Butler difference."

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