Discover 10 Unique Features of Butler Buildings

When it comes to engineered steel building solutions, Butler Manufacturing stands out with over a century of innovation and quality. Known for their precision engineering and time-tested designs, Butler Buildings have set the standard in the industry. Here, we jump into ten unique features that make Butler Buildings a preferred choice for various applications, from industrial complexes to commercial spaces.

1. MR-24 Roof System


One of the standout features of Butler Buildings is the MR-24 Roof System. This system is a true standing-seam roof that allows for thermal expansion and contraction, significantly reducing the likelihood of leaks. The MR-24 roof clip design negates the need for expansion joints up to 500 feet in double slope buildings, ensuring long-term leak-proof performance.

**Leak-Proof Performance**: The MR-24 Roof System features a 360-degree Pittsburgh double-lock seam that provides unparalleled weather-tightness.

* **Thermal Movement Accommodation**: With the ability to expand and contract, this system avoids the typical issues related to temperature changes.

2. Pre-Punched Structural Components


Butler Buildings utilize pre-punched structural components to ensure precise assembly. This means all secondary structural members are pre-punched for the accurate fixing of roof clips and other components.

* **Precision and Speed**: The pre-punched system eliminates the need for extensive field modifications, allowing for faster and more accurate construction.

* **Error Minimization**: Reducing on-site measuring and drilling minimizes errors, ensuring a high-quality build.

3. WIDESPAN Structural System


The WIDESPAN Structural System combines the practicality of a rigid frame with extensive size flexibility. This system allows for maximum use of interior space, which is crucial for manufacturing plants, warehouses, and retail stores.

* **Versatile Frame Options**: Available in clear span, multispan, single slope, and extension frames, WIDESPAN offers solutions for various building requirements.

* **Interior Space Optimization**: The clear span framing system provides large, uninterrupted interior spaces.

4. SKY-WEB II Fall Protection System


Safety is a top priority in Butler Buildings, and the SKY-WEB II Fall Protection System showcases this commitment. This system provides passive restraint for workers during construction, reducing fall risks and enhancing overall safety.

* **Enhanced Safety**: SKY-WEB II offers a passive safety net that protects workers without requiring active measures like tying off with lanyards.

* **Insulation Support**: The system also supports roof insulation, ensuring a neat and finished appearance.

5. Superior Roof Curbs


Butler’s roof curbs are engineered to float with the roof system, preventing leaks and ensuring long-term durability. The use of diverter flashings minimizes ponding water, further enhancing the roof’s performance.

* **Leak-Proof Design**: Engineered for maintenance-free longevity, Butler roof curbs outperform traditional systems.

* **Thermal Expansion Compatibility**: By not being fixed to the underlying purlins, these curbs accommodate the roof's thermal movements.

6. High-Strength Fasteners: BUTLER SCRUBOLT

Butler Scrubolt 1.png

The BUTLER SCRUBOLT™ fasteners are designed to maintain incredible strength, offering twice the pull-out strength compared to conventional fasteners. This contributes to the overall robustness and reliability of Butler Buildings.

* **Increased Strength**: Enhanced fastener strength ensures that structural connections remain secure under various conditions.

* **Durability**: These fasteners contribute to the long-term durability of the building structure.

7. Shot Blasted Frames for Better Paint Adhesion

Butler’s structural frames undergo shot blasting to achieve a superior surface preparation, which enhances paint adhesion and provides better protection against corrosion.

* **Corrosion Resistance**: The shot blasting process helps in applying a uniform coat of primer, protecting the steel from corrosion.

* **Aesthetic and Structural Integrity**: This process ensures that the building maintains its appearance and structural integrity over time.

8. Advanced Wall Systems

butlerib ii building.jpg

Butler offers advanced wall systems designed to provide strength, aesthetic appeal, and long-term durability. Key options include the Butlerib® II and Shadowall™ systems, which cater to diverse architectural needs.

* **Versatility**: Butlerib II features a classic, economical wall panel design with a deep profile for strength, while Shadowall offers a flat, smooth appearance with concealed fasteners for a sleek, modern look.

* **Strength and Aesthetics**: These systems combine structural integrity with aesthetic design, ensuring buildings are both durable and visually appealing. Butlerib II provides excellent resistance to wind and weather, while Shadowall enhances the exterior appearance with clean, uninterrupted lines.

9. Pre-Galvanized Secondary Structural Steel

The use of pre-galvanized secondary structural steel in Butler Buildings enhances their resistance to corrosion, providing long-lasting durability and reducing maintenance needs.

* **Enhanced Corrosion Resistance**: High tensile galvanized steel purlins and girts ensure long-term durability and reduced maintenance.

* **Precision Installation**: The pre-galvanized components are designed for precise installation, contributing to the overall quality of the building.

10. Comprehensive Project Management

Butler’s approach to project management ensures that every building project is completed on time and within budget. Their critical chain project management approach enhances coordination between sales and project management, ensuring predictability and adherence to schedules.

* **On-Time Delivery**: Butler’s project management team uses a methodical approach to ensure timely project completion.

* **Customer Satisfaction**: This commitment to project management ensures high customer satisfaction and repeat business.


Wrapping Up

Butler Buildings are distinguished by their innovative features and superior engineering, making them a top choice for businesses and organizations worldwide. From the MR-24 Roof System to advanced wall cladding and comprehensive project management, Butler delivers unmatched quality and performance. By choosing Butler, you’re investing in a building that offers longevity, reliability, and exceptional value.

Explore the Butler Difference and discover how these unique features can benefit your next building project. Reach out to us for any questions regarding parts for your Butler Building or if you are interested in building new. Butler MFG Parts is a MAR Building Solutions company and we are Kansas City's Butler Builder.