What is a Butler Builder

For more than 100 years Butler Manufacturing has dedicated its work to building the best of the best. In that time they spanned from a modest stock tank business to becoming a pioneer in the metal building industry and the world's largest provider of engineered building solutions. They’ve amassed over 50 patents including the industry’s first standing seam roofing system, the MR-24, which has been coined the gold standard.

Butler wouldn’t be where it is now without its partners, Butler Builders. A Butler Builder is a design-build contractor that is certified by Butler Manufacturing and given access to all of Butler Manufacturing’s offerings from design tools to Butler services and products. Butler has one of the largest contractor networks, with over 1,400 contractors nationwide. Butler Builders are the dedicated boots on the ground creating relationships with Butler building customers and erecting the buildings that so many people count on.

Butler Shop House.jpeg

Benefits of Being a Butler Builder

It’s a long-term relationship

Almost 30 percent of Butler Builders have been one for 30+ years. A testament to the vetting Butler does before taking on a partner as well as the support and quality product they offer that helps ensure a Butler Builder's success.

It’s a Network

Butler Building Meeting.jpeg
2023 Butler Building Meeting - Held in Kansas City, Missouri

With over 1,400 Butler Builders nationwide, it’s not uncommon for Butler Builders to team up with other Butler Builders on a job. A rising tide lifts all ships and with the conferences Butler holds each year, Butler Builders get to mingle, share ideas, and build relationships with the best of the best in the industry.

Helping Butler Builders Grow

Along with support and tools to help Butler Builders capitalize on local opportunities, Butler focuses on winning their Builders work with Fortune 2500 companies and getting their Builders included in government bids.

Technology for Builders

In addition to the research and development of new building products, Butler invests in technology specifically for its Builders. An example of this is Butler OrderTrac, a GPS-linked inventory control platform that enables builders to scan items on trucks and view them on a tablet in 3D. Integrating with CAD drawings, scanned parts are highlighted for easy location and staging. It significantly reduces the time spent searching for parts and improves efficiency, keeping projects organized and on budget.

Our History as a Butler Builder

MAR Building Solutions & Butler MFG Parts Headquarters

Butler MFG Parts is a MAR Building Solutions company. MAR Building Solutions is a Butler Builder.

MAR Building Solutions stemmed from MAR Enterprise which was started by Addy Martin in 1976. Addy, an employee of Butler for a decade, branched off to become a Butler Builder, servicing the Kansas City metro. In 1992, Chad Anderson and Addy became friends. In 2011, Chad, who owned an overhead door company, began installing doors for Addy’s builds. Three short years later, Chad started MAR Building Solutions under the guidance of Addy. As Addy moved to retirement, MAR Building Solutions became the official Butler Builder for the Kansas City metro. In 2018, Kurt Krasick joined as Partner at MAR Building Solutions and the company has continued to grow quickly, through a commitment to building a great product and offering above and beyond service to our customers.

Kurt and Chad.jpeg
Kurt (left) & Chad (right) being awarded their 4th consecutive High Performance Builder Award

If you are interested in speaking with a Butler Builder about a particular project, reach out to us here or visit us at MAR Building Solutions website.