What is Butler Frame?

A Butler frame is the structure of a Butler Building. Butler’s clear span framing systems allow for maximum use of interior space which is key for so many businesses that require open space, such as manufacturing plants and warehouses. Butler’s framing system can be configured in nearly infinite customizations to satisfy even the most unique business requirements.

For especially large buildings, Butler configures these structures to use as few columns as necessary to maximize workable space. Butler Buildings can be configured as wide as 300 feet; to put that into perspective - a football field is 360 feet long.

The following are examples of the configurability of Butler Frames:

Straight Column vs Tapered Column

Straight Columns carry a uniform cross-section from top to bottom. These are generally more suited for smaller buildings, where uniformity and simplicity are key.

Tapered Columns are smaller at the base and grow wider as they reach the connection point for the rafter. These are ideal for larger buildings, especially clear spans, where optimizing material usage, floor space, and load-bearing efficiency is crucial.

Butler Building Column Types.jpg

Inset Column vs In-Line Column

Inset Columns are recessed from the structure line

In-line Columns carry the same line, flush with the structure line

Butler Inset Column.jpg

Eave Height

Eave height refers to the vertical distance between the ground level and the point where the roof begins to slope upwards, typically at the edge of the roof.

Butler Eave Height.jpg

Roof Slope

Selecting the angle of the slope of a roof involves the consideration of a number of factors - aesthetics, space requirements, and structural necessities to accommodate a specific design

Butler Building Roof Slope.jpg

Single Slope vs Double Slope

Single Slope Roofs have a single flat plane that slopes in one direction, a simple and streamlined design

Double Slope Roofs have two sloping sides that meet at a central ridge, creating a triangular shape. Commonly selected and suitable for a variety of building types, offering efficient water and snow runoff and additional storage space.

butler single slope vs double slope.jpg

So what is a Butler Frame? The Butler frame is Butler's unsung hero - it's what makes Butler buildings so sturdy, long-standing, and infinitely customizable. Whether you have a Butler building that needs structural parts or are interested in a new structure all together, email us at sales@butlermfgparts.com, we're be happy to help.