What Types of Buildings Does Butler Manufacture?


Butler Manufacturing started in the early 1900s with a focus on the agricultural industry but over the years has become synonymous with high quality pre-engineered buildings that all sectors can count on. Butler’s continued investment in building technologies have allowed it to expand from once simple metal structures to innovative structures sought after by companies who appreciate quality, reliability, performance, and customizability. Let’s discuss some of the sectors you’ll find Butler providing shelter for and some of the reasons Butler is the go-to choice.  


Industrial Buildings

Butler Industrial Building.jpeg

Butler Manufacturing has a strong presence in the industrial sector, providing innovative solutions for various industrial applications. These buildings are designed to meet the specific needs of manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and other industrial processes. The key features of Butler industrial buildings include:

  • Large Clear Spans: Butler's structural systems allow for vast, unobstructed interior spaces, which are crucial for accommodating heavy machinery and equipment.

  • Energy Efficiency: Butler's building systems incorporate energy-efficient insulation and lighting options such as their SunLite Strip, which introduces natural daylight into Butler buildings and can reduce electrical lighting expenses by up to 70%.

  • Customization: Each industrial building is designed to meet the unique requirements of the client, ensuring that it is optimized for its intended use.

Commercial Buildings

Butler Commercial Building.jpeg

Butler Manufacturing also specializes in commercial buildings, which encompass a wide range of structures, including offices, retail spaces, restaurants, and more. The flexibility and versatility of Butler's building systems make them well-suited for commercial applications. Key features of Butler commercial buildings include:

  • Architectural Flexibility: Butler offers a variety of design options, allowing clients to create aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces for their businesses. Clients can further change their building’s aesthetic with Butler’s variety of wall systems. From an industrial look with the classic Butlerib II wall system to a sleek look with Butler’s Shadowall system to a more traditional look with Butler’s TextureWall wall system. 

  • Sustainability: Butler's commitment to sustainability means that their commercial buildings can be designed with eco-friendly features, as seen in Butler’s insulated panels such as the Thermawall which holds an outstanding R-Value of up to R-32, ensuring the good temps stay in and the bad temps stay out.

  • Speed of Construction: Butler's pre-engineered building systems are known for their rapid construction, which can be particularly advantageous for commercial projects with tight schedules.

Agricultural Buildings

butler dairy farm building.jpeg

Agriculture is another sector where Butler Manufacturing excels and is the origin of the Butler brand. Butler provides agricultural buildings that cater to the needs of farmers and ranchers. These buildings are designed to protect livestock, store equipment, and facilitate various agricultural processes. Key features of Butler agricultural buildings include:

  • Climate Control: Butler's agricultural buildings are designed to provide optimal ventilation and climate control to ensure the well-being of livestock and the preservation of crops. Butler holds patents on many of their systems which give them a leg up on the competition when it comes to energy efficiency.

  • Durability: Butler buildings are built to withstand the rigors of the agricultural environment, including exposure to harsh weather conditions. Butlerib II roof panels carry a 10 year warranty for weathertightness.

  • Customization: Butler works closely with agricultural clients to design buildings that meet their specific needs, whether it's a dairy barn, grain storage facility, or equestrian center.

Recreational Buildings


For recreational purposes, Butler Manufacturing offers a wide range of building solutions. From sports facilities and community centers to indoor recreational spaces, their structures are designed to create enjoyable and functional spaces. Key features of Butler recreational buildings include:

  • Versatility: Butler's building systems can accommodate a variety of recreational activities, from basketball courts to swimming pools.

  • Energy Efficiency: Recreational facilities often have high energy demands, and Butler's buildings are equipped with energy-efficient features to help reduce operational costs.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Butler understands the importance of creating visually appealing recreational spaces that enhance the overall experience for users. With various wall and roofing systems, clients can dial in the design to their taste. 

Institutional Buildings

Butler Institutional Building.jpg

Butler Manufacturing also caters to the needs of the institutional sector, which includes schools, healthcare facilities, religious institutions, and government buildings. These structures require specific design considerations to meet the unique needs of their occupants. Key features of Butler institutional buildings include:

  • Accessibility: Institutional buildings often need to be accessible to people of all abilities, and Butler's building systems can be designed to meet accessibility standards.

  • Safety: Safety is a top priority in institutional buildings, and Butler's steel structures are built to meet stringent safety and code requirements. Butler’s MR24 roof is built to withstand winds up to 200mph. 

  • Flexibility: Institutions may have changing needs over time, and Butler's buildings can be adapted and expanded as needed.

Aviation Buildings

Butler Airline Hangar.jpeg

Butler Manufacturing has a strong presence in the aviation industry, providing hangars and maintenance facilities for airports and private aviation enthusiasts. These buildings are designed to house aircraft and provide the necessary infrastructure for maintenance and operations. Key features of Butler aviation buildings include:

  • Clear Span Design: Hangars require large, open spaces to accommodate aircraft, and Butler's clear span design makes this possible.

  • Fire Safety: Aviation buildings must meet strict fire safety standards, and Butler's structures are designed with these requirements in mind.

  • Customization: Butler works closely with aviation clients to design hangars that meet the specific needs of their aircraft and operations.

Wrapping up

From the early 1900s as a small agricultural metal product company to the now world-renowned maker of quality, pre-engineered buildings, Butler has come a long way. The adaptability of design allows any sector to have a Butler building that would be fitting for their brand. And with Butler’s famous reliability, it would be a structure that they can count on. If you have any questions regarding a Butler building or getting Butler parts, reach out! We are here to help.


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