Things to Consider When Ordering a Metal Building

When you think of Butler Buildings, you probably think of large commercial or industrial metal buildings. That’s definitely the bread and butter, but Butler has smaller offerings, so you can have all the benefits of a Butler building on your personal property. Being that we are both a Butler parts supplier as well as a Butler Builder, we’ll shed some light on the process so you can know what lies ahead whether you choose to order the building for you to erect or have us do it for you. As always, give us a shout with any questions - that’s why we’re here. Let’s hop into the process.


Steps to Erecting a Metal Structure

  1. A permit is obtained - This is generally necessary for anything larger than a storage shed. Missouri, where we’re based, allows for a single-story detached building up to 200 sqft without a permit. Here is a list of Missouri building permit exemptions. Every state has unique regulations and codes that must be met, so be sure to check with your local permit office first.
  2. The building site is prepared - Site preparation is critical. Failure to do this can lead to a host of issues down the road. The site must be cleared of weak materials, graded, and the right materials selected for fill prior to the foundation being poured.
  3. The foundation is poured.
  4. The building is manufactured at the factory. Butler Buildings are pre-engineered and factory punched to to ensure a precision fit on the job site. This not only speeds up installation but increases the longevity of the building.
  5. The building components are delivered.
  6. Erection of the building. Whether you are inclined or need the MAR Building Solutions (our parent company) crew to knock it out - This is where it all comes together on site.

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Considerations Before Ordering a Metal Building

Determine the Building's Purpose: Clearly define the intended use of the building. Is it for storage, agriculture, a workshop, or another purpose (like hiding the 13th motorcycle that you shouldn’t have gotten)? The function will influence the design and features needed.

Consider the Dimensions: The size (width, length, and height) of your metal building is crucial as it affects the cost and usability. Ensure the dimensions align with your needs and the available space. Whether it’s a workshop, a garage, a large storage shed, or a mancave - if you are on the fence about what size, err on the larger size. It’s seemingly magic how we find things to fill newfound spaces like these.

Design and Customization: From sizing to systems to colors to accessories, there is a high degree of customization available. Roofing systems such as the classic workhorse Butlerib II or the iconic and unrivaled MR-24.  Decide on the dimensions, roof slope, straight or tapered columns, doors, windows, and any interior layouts that suit your needs. Also, consider the aesthetic aspects to ensure it complements its surroundings. Butler offers 16 exterior colors and 3 interior colors. With endless customizability, you’ll no doubt be able to make it yours.

Select a Suitable Location: The installation site should be easily accessible, have enough space for necessary components, and comply with local zoning and building codes. Environmental factors like climate should also be considered.

Know Your Budget: Factor in the costs of the building, foundation, permits, taxes, and any customizations or accessories. As with any project, it’s best to build in a buffer for unexpected expenses. You’ll likely pay more up front for a Butler structure, but you’ll have the peace of mind owning the industry’s gold standard. Butler is the creator of the industry’s first standing seam roof and comes with a 25-year warranty for weather-tightness. Even Butler’s paint, ButlerCote, comes with a 25-year warranty against excessive wear and chalking. Butler buildings are an investment in the best.

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A sight for sore eyes - Customer's car collection safe and sound in a Butler Building

We're Here to Help

There is plenty to decide on when ordering a metal building, especially one with such customizability like from Butler. We want it to be a fun experience not a stressful one trying to choose from all the variations. Again, give us a shout - we are here to help and love these types of projects. We’ve experience covering everything from large industrial builds to having a smaller building delivered to a customer’s land so they can construct it themselves. We’ll shed light on our recommendations to ensure you get the right building for your needs.

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Vintage Butler Brochure